Peter & Paul: Huddersfield University

Peter & Paul: Huddersfield University

This new campaign for Huddersfield University’s open days by Peter & Paul caught my last week. We asked Lee Davis (creative director at Peter & Paul) to tell us a bit more about the project.

“Our first port of call was to look at all those bits of work you see for Universities which have a photo of a student on campus and the words Tomorrow, Future, Potential or Professionals in them, and ask ‘can we try and say something different?’

The idea arrived that, for all this talk of the future, it’s now which defines what you do next and the experiences you get whilst at University start the journey. So rather than focusing on tomorrow all the time we wanted to celebrate today (especially given the campaign was geared towards getting bums on seats at the Open Days). Hence the campaign idea that ‘Everything Starts Now’.

We put a number of ideas to client as to how we could articulate that (I think there were about 8 or 9 in all… one of which involved staging a massive race… that didn’t happen). The winning concept was one where we take existing students, ask them to make an exhaustive list of everything they’ve done since being at Huddersfield from joining table top gaming clubs to designing costumes to traveling and used that as the basis of a brief for our illustrators.

Brosmind, Jamie Cullen and Matt Johnstone were chosen because we really like them and they have quite differing styles.

We made it our mission to let the illustrators do their thing. The client totally bought into that and were amazing about it: ‘Include some Huddersfield centric stuff and we’ll trust you’ they pretty much said (I’m paraphrasing).

The finished article is popping up all over Yorkshire and Manchester with digital moving advertising, online and print. The first 30 second film has been produced with our good friend Joe Brooks for Marthe with the other two to land in the next month or two.

We art directed photography with Nick Eagle who took about 1500 shots for the films. It’s been emotional.”

Glenn Garriock