Multitouch Barcelona / LAB

Multitouch Barcelona / LAB

Final Image

A few weeks ago we featured our video interview with Multitouch Barcelona who also created something a little special for our masthead that week.

The image was created as part of their ‘human interface’ experimental series and we managed to get some exclusive behind the scenes footage of the Slit-Scan process.

As Roger at Multitouch explains…

“You can compare it with a scanner, it moves while it’s capturing the image line per line. In our case we wanted to make a cylindrical scanner. The prototype consist in a digital camera that captures the image in Hi-Res, a webcam that helps us calibrate and align the image during the scanning, and a swivel chair to turn the model.

Equipment: camera + webcam

The model, sits on the chair and must be as still as possible to reduce the noise of the movement during the filming process (30-40 seconds) while another person rotates the chair. To achieve an uniform movement during the rotation of the chair, we used a DIY system. We projected on the ceiling a circle that was the progress bar that we need to follow, then we equipped the chair with a laser pointer that we use as a progress indicator. Then the only thing that we have to care about is follow the progress of the circle with the laser pointer.

Prototype Setup

The next steps are to motorize the system, then we can control the r.p.m and achieve noiseless results. We are very optimistic to achieve very good results with the motorized system, seeing the quality of the “hand made” one.

Raw footage

We worked under this technique with the idea of transform something 3d in 2d. Compress the Hi! a real human interface and to fit inside a mobile phone. The results was the texture of the face of our human interface, animated combining various slit-scans with different expressions or positions.

Initial test

The LAB is a good way to start new ideas without a final project or client behind it, we think that the publication of this works could also help you to improve the same project again and again. And we don’t know a better way to put a head than inside a header.”

Final application

Glenn Garriock

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