Forms VI: Carbon

Forms VI: Carbon

by FFF x Mount Audio

Presenting No. 6 in the Forms collaborative film series devised by London based, creative sound studio Mount Audio. The ongoing project sees Mount team up with leading visual artists each month to create a unique audiovisual piece, this time with the award winning motion graphics and design studio Carbon.

Following the success of Carbon’s Pause Fest Motion Response, the studios have teamed up once again to deliver a compelling audiovisual collaboration.

The film follows a single thread as it courses through a desolate environment and becomes intwined with other fibres. These are slowly woven into an intricate human form. Inspired by Carbon’s interpretation, Mount have focussed their soundtrack around the human voice.

The Carbon team were also kind enough to answer a few questions about their work below.

Tell us about Forms VI

Inspired by greek mythology, Forms VI is an abstract take on the creation of man, and the birth of humanity.
All set in a dark cyberpunk world.

How did the collaboration with Mount Audio work?

Since our first conversation, we’ve always wanted to work with Mount Audio. We had our first opportunity with this year’s Pause Fest Motion Response, and we’re really glad they got involved to nuance our story. Forms VI is our second collaboration with Mount Audio and as expected, they added a lot of depth to the piece.


Tell us about Carbon and how the studio was formed.

Carbon’s roots are in broadcast design, and our reputation grew in the industry through our art direction and aesthetic. Now, we’re excited to be part of a much broader landscape – people are paying so much more attention to video, and we get to play on all things digital. The future is bright and in Ultra HD!

How do you approach a new project like this?

All our designers have different creative processes – For this project, particle simulation was Martin’s initial driver. We wanted to put a story behind it and the “birth of man” theme was developed after testing a few frames. We had a plan B in place in light of our schedule, but we’re happy it all came together with our original plan.

Where do you find inspiration?

As a team, we’re inspired by each other and everything we’re exposed to, as cliché as that sounds. Ideas are always encouraged to be shared – With enough sparks, you’re bound to light a fire.


Do you feel it’s important to make time for collaborations?

We should definitely make more time for it – Collaboration fosters creativity. It’s important to share ideas and leverage strengths; and when each party cares about making something better, that’s where we get creative and make something great.

What do you have coming up?

Growth! Working with more brands, agencies, and partners.
And we’re constantly looking for creatives to grow with our team and ambitions. …Do you know anyone?

Glenn Garriock

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