Forms V: Peter Godshall

Forms V: Peter Godshall

by FFF x Mount Audio

Presenting No. 5 in the Forms collaborative film series devised by London based, creative sound studio Mount Audio. The ongoing project sees Mount team up with leading visual artists each month to create unique audiovisual piece, this time with 3D artist Peter Godshall.

Peter’s gold entwined landscape is beautifully contrasted by a cool glacial light. A sea of glowing particles emerge from the fractured surface and float into the air, drawn towards the mysterious beacon.

Mount recorded hundreds of seeds, beans and marbles to mimic the gentle movement of particles atop the rugged landscape. These delicate sounds sit amongst dark, volcanic atmospheres, as inspired by the vast, otherworldly setting of the visual.

Peter was also kind enough to answer a few questions about his work.

Tell us about Forms V

For Forms V I wanted to blur the lines of scale and space. You could be exploring a foreign landscape, or witnessing the inner workings of some microscopic process of creation.

How did the collaboration with the guys at Mount Audio work?

Fantastic, really effortless. They encouraged me to explore anything I was interested in and the score they came up with is absolutely perfect for the piece. Exactly what I had in mind.

How do you approach a new project like this?

Normally I have a handful of techniques in the R&D phase. For a project like this with complete freedom, I took a look at the most interesting concepts I’ve been testing and started making style frames. I just keep iterating until I start to see something I can get excited about.


What influences your work?

So many things! Music, film, illustration. I’m a huge fan of Ridley Scott. I think seeing Alien when I was little has been permanently etched in my aesthetic subconscious.

Tell us a bit about yourself and working environment.

I live with my wife and kids in Charlotte NC USA where I work from my home office. I really like the home office setup. It allows me to try out an idea any time of day without having to go into a studio.

How did you get into and 3D art and Motion Design?

I started out as a photographer and photoshop artist. As the photo composites got more and more complicated adding 3d was the natural progression. After a while I realized 3D was all I wanted to do.

Do you feel it’s important to make time for collaborations?

Definitely! So important to learn from and be influenced by other people’s work.

What do you have coming up?

As always, a little bit of everything. I have some live action/3D projects I’m excited about. Mostly just excited to keep learning. I think it’s crucial to always be growing and expanding my capabilities. Always fun to see where it takes me next.

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