Forms IV: Davy Evans

Forms IV: Davy Evans

by FFF x Mount Audio

This is the fourth collaborative film in the Forms series devised by London based, creative sound studio Mount Audio. The ongoing project sees Mount team up with leading visual artists each month to create unique audiovisual works, this time with multidisciplinary artist and designer Davy Evans.

Davy combines analogue and digital techniques to create vibrant abstract imagery. Often using experimental photographic methods, light and liquid to replicate form and distortions, inspired by natural phenomena.

Influenced by the artists analogue approach, Mount’s soundtrack is largely improvised and centres around an intimate piano progression. Playing off the visual’s glacial tones, the duo have combined ambient washes with delicate tuned percussion to create a deeply meditative accompaniment.

Davy was kind enough to answer some questions about the project below.

Tell us about Forms IV

I created a range of live action effects using textured glass, and an LED light from a mobile phone. I then started to mask and build these elements together in After Effects and Final Cut to try to create a mini world that shows a small journey and life cycle of light.

How did the collaboration with the guys at Mount Audio work?

The guys reached out toward the end of last year asking me if I’d be interested in getting involved with the Forms project. I was really interested from the out set, they are great dudes and collaborating with sound artists is something i’m always keen to do as sound design can really give new life and context to a visual.

I sent over some initial experiments and the guys sent over what they had in mind for the sound which I really loved, so I started to edit and tweak the visuals to match until we were all happy with the result.


How do you approach a new project like this?

I often spend as much time as I can experimenting and playing with materials until things naturally start to take form which can give a project a nice unpredictable energy. A lot of my projects start with happy accidents and then develop from there by bringing various elements together and building them up that way.

What influences your work?

The little abstract details in nature which can be easy to over look. So trying to bring light to these tiny details in a meditative form.

Tell us a bit about yourself and working environment.

I’m originally from a small rural town in West Wales, currently working as a freelance artist and designer in the sea side town of Brighton.

I tend to work with macro photography a lot, using that as my main tool for image making. So a good work environment for me is a studio space where I can make a mess with paint, chemicals, and generally play around with materials and photography.

How did you get into Design?

I’ve always loved to draw since I was a kid, which eventually led me into getting interested in Adobe software such as Photoshop, In Design etc. I eventually went on to study Graphic Design at my local collage which is where I started to explore more experimental photography. My older brother also introduced me to a lot music and design when I was growing up, the early visual work of Warp Records, Chris Cunningham etc, so thats always been a good inspiration.

Do you feel it’s important to make time for collaborations?

Definitely. Nearly all of my favourite projects have been collaborations with people in some way or another. Whether it’s another designer, or a musician. The collaboration element and meeting new people can really make a piece more memorable.

What do you have coming up?

A few live visual projects with the intent of adding an installation or immersive element. Not sure how yet but working on it 🙂

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