Can ‘code’ make ‘art’?

Championing the idea of ‘Art made With Code’, Google is looking for a developer/artist to commission in the upcoming Digital Revolutions exhibition at The Barbican, in London.

In doing so, DevArt is acknowledging the role of digital culture and technology in the art world. The website itself already serves as a great library of ‘technology-as-art‘ projects, with new ones to be in the run up to the exhibition.
I like how it’s also beginning to play with the idea of ‘Technology’ as a palette, by which works of art are made, but perhaps more importantly, the truly ‘dev‘ way of submitting an ‘art’ commission proposal:

1. Fork the DevArt GitHub Repo Template

2. Work into that fork

3. Done

Get involved or just check out the entries and DevArt inspiration here.

Glenn Garriock

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