Cruz Novillo: Logos

Cruz Novillo: Logos

by Counter-Print

The busy folks at at Counter-Print have just announced their latest book titled, ‘Cruz Novillo: Logos’. The book provides a comprehensive guide to an important facet of renowned Spanish artist and design Cruz Novillo’s work, his logo design; and in doing so proves the importance of this body of work, both to Spain and the global design community.

“What first drew us to the work of Cruz Novillo was both the depth and breadth of his output, which spans a career of over 50 years, but also the freshness with which we see it through today’s eyes. This is both due to a timeless aesthetic and the fact that he has had a huge influence on contemporary designers from his native Spain, the rest of Europe and beyond.”, says Counter-Print co-founder Jon Dowling. “The influence of his use of geometric shapes, simple, strong line-work and a playful, illustrative aesthetic can be seen in the work of many contemporary designers and has helped in keeping his legacy alive.”

The book is out now and available here.


Glenn Garriock