Custom black AirPods

Custom black AirPods

by BlackPods

Once you get used to wireless headphones you waited so damn long to get rid of your wired set. When the AirPods we’re first released I was close to buying a pair but felt they looked a little awkward or maybe just too flashy.

A black pair of AirPods seems like a simple solution to me, but so far Apple has shown no intention of offering different colours. Even with this latest update of the wireless charging case there was no mention of change of colour.

Thankfully companies like US based BlackPods offer customised Apple Airpods in high-gloss or satin black.

You can purchase a pair through BlackPods or send your own in to be painted with their proprietary coating system, specifically developed for Apple’s AirPods. The three-phase finishing procedure utilizes the latest in solvent-based painting technology to yield a hand-finished, smooth and even finish.

BlackPods were kind enough to send me a pair to try out (but have not payed me for this review) and after a week of use I can’t put them down anymore.

A quick review of the AirPods

If you enjoy wearing your standard iPhone headphones you’ll find the AirPods have an almost identical fit. I find them slightly louder then the standard headphones, with a similar audio quality. That means their not immersive and crisp but I don’t mind that. Battery life is decent, Apple says you’ll get 5 hours of listening and 2 hours of talk time which I haven’t tested to the max. Quick charge in 15min to gain 3 hours of listening works a treat. I do miss the volume control but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make to loose the cables.

BlackPods review

I received matte black version which feels great to touch. The charge case is painted very evenly and completely on the outside with no visible blemishes. The inside is unpainted white and is likely to show some limited bleeding around the lid edge where the paint seeped in. It’s pretty minor though and hardly noticeable on regular opening.

The headphones are completely black except the infrared sensor, speaker and charge point. The masked area around the infrared sensor could be a little more tidy for my taste but as these are usually covered when you wear them, it’s not really that big a deal.

Overall they look and feel great and if you are happy to pay the premium of 299 USD then I can recommend BlackPods’ service. You can sign up to their newsletter for a 15% discount to sweeten the deal.


Photography by Sascha Wolters

Glenn Garriock

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