by Baron Fig

I’m always interested in hearing how people work. I work from my home office 3 – 4 days per week, unless I’m working in-house at an agency or company. The rest of the time I head to a co-working studio to break up the monotony of working alone. On those days I grab my 15″ Macbook with Touchbar (and all it’s dongles), notebook (I’m currently using the Baron Fig Confidant in Light Gray with a dot-grid), external hard-drive and my Nintendo Switch for the train ride (life-changing!).

I’ve been on the look out for a slim bag that holds the bare essentials for those days. Baron Fig sent me their backpack to try out and the size is pretty perfect. It opens flat, creating an instant workspace, and has swing pockets for easy access. It’s minimal  in design and has a pretty slim profile. It has a fair amount of pockets for organising but as you can see I use a Grid-it Medium to keep the dongle-hell under control. The outer material is very thick and the straps though unpadded are surprisingly comfortable.

Some down-sides to consider are the lack of padding, the metal zippers aren’t quite as smooth as I’d like them to be and I’m not sure how long the inner lining might last as it feels rather thin.

But overall I think it’s pretty great value for money for a minimal slim backpack.

Big thanks to Kevin Münkel for the photography.

Glenn Garriock

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