Wriggles & Robbins present: Nightlife

Wriggles & Robbins present: Nightlife



London storytelling duo Wriggles & Robbins, known for their short films and creative shwang are back in focus with a new short film that shows off the Nikon D810’s low light capabilities. The concept follows a series of night animals, (otherwise known as “nocturnal” to those in the know) roaming the wilderness into the city streets over an evening.

Using 4 Nikon flashes, a 20 meter track, 84 foam board animal frames and a small total of 7,434 shots, the short, entitled ‘Nightlife’ presents a sequence of looped unedited photographs using a combination of different flashes and exposures. The camera EXIF data from each shot is then shown to represent the exact settings used, nifty.

And for those who love a timelapse, Merry Christmas:




Directed by: Wriggles & Robins
Camera: Simon Lakos
Producer: Chanse Fyffe
Executive Producer: Tai Thittichai
Post Producer: Alannah Currie
2D Animation: The Line
Live Action Animation: Matt Cooper
Music Producer: Throwing Snow

James Kirkup

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