UX design for Driverless Cars

UX design for Driverless Cars

by ustwo Auto

TL;DR – ustwo Auto has just released the world’s first book on UX design for Driverless Cars.

The ustwo Auto team have produced a substantial book called ‘Humanising Autonomy: Where Are We Going?’, a follow up to their first book. It explores the future of autonomy and how it must be designed with people in mind for it to work, user experience design for driverless cars. At present there’s too much focus on the technologies that enable it and not the human factors that will govern take-up.

The book is stunningly designed and available for free in PDF form (be sure to watch the book trailer too) but ustwo Auto have also produced a limited run of 50 physical copies. Hardbound in bright green cloth with black and white striped headband and gold bookmark ribbon, the 500+ page book was printed and hand-bound by family run book binders Hurtwood Press, who ustwo Auto also worked with on their first book.

Glenn Garriock