Intercity – Tread Print Series

Intercity – Tread Print Series

Intercity_Tread BMX_2

Nathan Gale from Intercity got in touch to let us know about this rather lovely set of cycling tread prints which they have just completed.

Designed by William Hibberd, the Tread print series was born out of an obsession with bikes (plus early memories of friends comparing tyre patterns) and documents a selection of the most interesting graphic shapes and patterns found on everyday bicycle tyres.

Building upon the already close-knit relationship between cycling and graphic design, the series includes four prints in total, covering the disciplines of BMX, CX, MTB and road cycling. The prints are available to purchase via online design store Print-Process. Mark Blamire, founder of Print-Process said ” You wait for a bicycle and then three come along at once… In late 2011 we approached design studio Intercity about doing a series of bicycle-themed prints to complement a BMX book they had just published. Intercity liked the idea but didn’t want to come up with an obvious solution and, not being the type of company to rush at a problem, we left them to take their time and develop ideas for this series of prints. We were very surprised with what Intercity finally delivered, as it wasn’t at all what we were expecting. It’s always an absolute pleasure working with designers when they explode your expectations by completely re-inventing the wheel. [Excuse the pun].

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Intercity_Tread BMX_1 Intercity_Tread CX_2 Intercity_Tread CX_4 Intercity_Tread MTB_4 Intercity_Tread MTB_5 Intercity_Tread ROAD_2 Intercity_Tread ROAD_4


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