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The Roster

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The Roster is a new site on a mission to change the way agencies find the best freelancers in London.

Founded by two designers, Adam and Alexia Mitchinson, the core of their idea is to offer a service that fills the gap between an agency’s own ‘little black book’ of freelancers and having to use a recruiter. The Roster instead offers an online searchable directory of top freelance talent which is a bit like a members’ club, as all freelancers are recommended by existing members.

We first covered them over a year ago when they were just getting established and they’ve recently introduced a flat annual fee which, instead of charging commission, lets agencies contact and book as many freelancers as they like without the ongoing costs of a recruiter.

“We were always being asked if we could recommend freelancers to our agency friends, and so we’ve turned that simple idea into a more useful service for all London agencies. We’re designers ourselves, and we’re not trying to be recruiters, so we didn’t want to create something that was just an online recruiter with a lower charge, but instead we’ve set out to create a fundamentally different option.” — Adam

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