Talin Hazber

Talin Hazber

As sources of inspiration go, sand might seem like a difficult one to get excited about. Well, not so for Syrian Talin Hazber, who is now an architect doing research on solidifying sand, in order to challenge and celebrate its natural qualities.

Talin explains what it is about the gritty stuff which has inspired her to craft it into works of art:

“I have always been fascinated with the desert around me, the dunes scenery and how one can easily lose the sense of direction, space and views… I now look into transforming this lyrical natural scene into a spatial and rhythmical experience.”

As part of her research into the micro and macro qualities of sand Talin has created fully functional sand lamps – entitled Tranquility Nodes. The aim of these, intricate, granular lamps is to create an intimate setting while influencing their space, in a way that appears to affect the composition of their environment.

Having already spent years exploring different techniques of solidifying, moulding and engineering sand, we found out that Talin has big plans for the future – literally and figuratively:

“My intention is to create architecture, landmarks and sand structures that people can relate to in the massive scale of the desert. I dont see it anywhere and anytime ending… the potential found in the grain of sand are beyond one’s expectation”

Explore some of Talin’s first fine-grained footprints on her journey to creating these sand landmarks…

Jack Daly
  • Written by Jack Daly
  • Posted on Jun 23, 2014

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