Slow Makers

Slow Makers

by Luke Sital-Singh

Singer-songwriter Luke Sital-Singh is a stand up guy. Not only is he a talented musician and performer, he’s also fascinated with makers and the process of making. We caught up with him to find out more about his ‘Makers’ video series…

For those who might not know, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Luke Sital-Singh. I’m a musician. More specifically a singer songwriter. Even more specifically I write sad songs and sing them at people to try and make them cry.

Starting a film series looking at other makers might not seem the most commercially sensible enterprise – what motivates it?

It is part passion project and part an attempt to just do something different. Music videos have never been something I’ve enjoyed making and perhaps for an artist like me they are not always the best way to spend money, so we thought we’d try and spend some energy and money on a different kind of video content. On a more personal level I’ve developed a real passion and interest for this kind of making over the years and also a rapid addiction to watching slo-mo videos of people making cool stuff or maker-porn as i’ve inadvisedly dubbed it.

Your good lady is a brilliant print artist – not to mention responsible for most of your releases artwork – has she widened or expanded your appreciation for the visual arts?

Said interest in the process of making was definitely sparked by my wife, printmaker Hannah Cousins. She introduced me to this world and I jumped right in. It’s strange because pre-Hannah I was a full on geek, an Apple enthusiast and just general lover of tech gizmos and post-Hannah I have this appreciation for all things luddite and handmade. I have these two seemingly opposing passions, although I would argue they are actually more complimentary than you’d first think. So yea she’s definitely influenced me and my thinking. Looking back at all the artwork she’s made for me from my earliest EPs it’s nice to see a clear progression as our styles have both developed together over time. It’s been a real partnership that I find really fulfilling. She’s my Stanley Donwood, but prettier.


You’ve various ongoing artist relationships with makers outside of London –Nick Hand, the Do Lectures etc – has your recent move out of London to Bristol helped or hurt your own creativity?

I don’t think it’s had a huge impact on my own work itself. But I have found it easier to tap into mini communities of creative folk who do cool things. Getting to know Nick Hand at the Letterpress Collective has been great, I love using his expertise to make cool stuff. And he in turn is very connected in Bristol so that’s opened the door on further collaborations. I guess I find that Bristol is that much smaller than London and so more close-knit, it’s been easier to meet people who know each other and want to work with each other.

Anyone else you’d love to feature in Slow Makers (or in the pipeline) you can tell us about?

I don’t have any firm plans as of yet for more videos. But there’s a whole list of folk I’d love to feature. Alexander Devol aka Wood Woven would be sweet. He makes some seriously cool stuff. Flora Jamieson is an awesome stain glass window maker. That’s pretty awesome, I would love to learn about what she does. There’s tons really. I hope I can make some more soon.


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