Pencil & Help do Hide & Seek

Pencil & Help do Hide & Seek

Pencil & Help is the collaborative side project of illustrators Mark Long and Mark Oliver – much of their work focussing on schools or the community.

Sheffield Children’s Hospital and (the brilliant) Cat Powell from Artfelt recently commissioned them to work with the long term patients of the ward, to come up with artwork for the space together. They delivered a workshop and came up with an activity pack – the outcomes from these activities were characters that the children designed using a couple of creative exercises. The duo then redrew these characters in different positions hiding around the ward.

“Part of the brief was to come up with something distracting. A lot of the kids have to undergo fairly long and uncomfortable treatments. Injections etc. So we came up with a ‘Hide & Seek’ idea. The Characters are interacting with the furniture in the hospital, hiding behind bins and under tables…
We also designed an activity book using the same characters, to run alongside the artwork – some of the patients have long waits in the ward and hopefully the activity book should provide a some fun and distraction.”


 Photography by 93ft
Luke Tonge

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