by Kontrapunkt

DONG Energy are changing their name to Ørsted. As their new ads say: “Because when you hear ‘DONG’ your first thought isn’t green energy”. For almost two years, Kontrapunkt has worked closely with Ørsted on the development and implementation of the new brand and name.

“We are very proud of the co-operation with Ørsted and of the result. A transformation of this size influences many people and affects even more. We feel that, together with Ørsted, we have managed to make something complex, simple and understandable – for the benefit of many people. Ørsted is an inventive, optimistic and bold brand that redefines branding of companies within the energy sector. It is not just about energy but about the life and opportunities that green energy gives to people.”

— Rikke Nalepa Olesen, Executive Director & Partner at Kontrapunkt


Glenn Garriock

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