NS Company Presentation by Bunch

NS Company Presentation by Bunch

The London & Zagreb-based studio Bunch designed an A5, modular concept box for Nosive Strukture, a structural engineering office in Croatia. This company presentation box can be updated with additional assignments in the future, and can hold around 7 to 10 concertina cards, each representing one project.

This amazing project is their most recent work, and is also an update to the entire Nosive Strukture identity project, characterised by it’s clean-cut lines in black and white inspired by the tensegrity concept. Now with this update we can see a more playful side of the company, without leaving the structured-chaos aside. The bold colors give the project some contrast, plus the geometric forms and editorial elements on the document cards reinforce the modular theme. These cards are different in the number of pages and printed on various stock that best fits their client’s task.

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Gabriela Salinas

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