Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Ustwo just released Monument Valley, a mobile game inspired by the work of M.C. Escher, where architecture from around the world is the main character. Guided by silent Princess Ida, the game is an exploration of mysterious monuments, hidden paths and optical illusion.

“We set out to create an interactive experience in which every screen is a piece of art worth hanging on a wall.”

The game features exquisite buildings and structures that encourages discovery and thought. The emphasis is on the environment, each stage of the game was thought as a graphic design piece of art and a medium of cultural significance.

Surreal is the word that comes to mind while experiencing it; Monument Valley is about discovery, perception and meaningful beauty displayed through impossible geometry. Intuition plays a big role to explore it’s possibilities, reshaping this highly aesthetic world. But the design is not the only hero, the game gives a new meaning to the word audiovisual, with one of the best audio for a video game. As the environment is manipulated, the audio reacts to provide a beautiful soundscape that conveys solitude and contemplation.

“My hope for Monument Valley is that it might contribute to the argument that the medium of entertainment we call video games is in fact art.” – Ken Wong

The project took ten months to be developed, part of their creative process forced them to re-think what is a video game and why do people play them. Being surrounded by UX experts, they came to the realization that designing a game is essentially designing an user experience. And that experience is what makes the game special: a simple, inclusive, and visually engaging game that any curious mind can play, this allows it to resonate with such a wide audience.


Gabriela Salinas

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