Modern Practice & Modern Theory

Modern Practice & Modern Theory

In their own words, Modern Practice is a design consultancy with a focus on brand identity. And focused they certainly are. They’ve just launched a new site showcasing their impeccable work in all it’s glory. Projects are beautifully presented and not only in a visual sense—you really get a feel of the whole journey from brief to reality.

They have also launched their parter site Modern Theory with a collaborative project featuring work from some very esteemed contemporaries. Titled ‘Visual Grammer’, they invited ten studios to participate in the exhibition held at MAD Brussels. Each studio in turn had to nominate another studio or designer to take part, adding up to a total of twenty contributors. Participants were asked to research and communicate an aspect of the fundamental components of visual grammar. Based on their research, they had to create a poster that would visually convey their findings.

The Posters are available to buy here—and with exceptional work from MuirMcneil, HORT, BASE, Coast, Astrid Stavro, Studio Thomson and many more, it’s one to avoid if you aren’t in the mood to part with a few hard-earned notes.

modern-theory-visual-grammar-muir-mcneil-posters-in-situ modern-theory-visual-grammar-neubau-posters-in-situ-crop modern-theory-visual-grammar-leterme-dowling-posters-in-situ modern-theory-visual-grammar-exhibition-02modern-theory-visual-grammar-north-posters-in-situ-crop modern-theory-visual-grammar-identity-bagsmodern-theory-visual-grammar-exhibition-01


Ed Watt
  • Written by Ed Watt
  • Posted on Mar 14, 2013

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