Millbank Farm

Millbank Farm

by Jack Renwick Studio

Jack Renwick Studio has created the brand identity and communication materials for Millbank Farm, a vegetable and chicken farm in Northern Ireland.


In Country Down in Northern Ireland, a family-run farm has been growing crops on the same hectares of land since 1889. Now in their sixth generation, the farmers at Millbank Farm know all there is to know about the weather, the wildlife, the soil and the seasons – so growing great produce has become almost second nature. Their produce can be enjoyed from many retailers across the UK and Ireland, including Waitrose and LIDL.

After getting their hands (and their wellies) dirty on a visit to the farm, Jack Renwick Studio identified the long-established knowledge of their land as a key contributor to the farm’s success. This led to the brand tagline and positioning: ‘Experts in our Fields’ which is used to bring the Millbank Farm brand identity to life.

Every visual expression of the brand is born from the fields that the farmers know so well. A graphic pattern was created from aerial shots of the County Down landscape, using organic lino-cut strokes to evoke the cultivated soil. Bold illustrations of turnips, leeks and chickens emerge from the field texture, showing that local expertise comes through in every product.


The logo uses these same furrow lines to etch out a central Millbank ‘M’, reiterating the farmers’ connection with their fields. This needed to be applied in a cost effective manner across different applications, so bags were rubber-stamped and pallet boxes were stencilled with the new mark. This has given a new opportunity for the Millbank Farm brand to be seen and recognised by customers and partners as an integrated brand.

The colour palette is also born from agriculture – with a range of leafy greens, supported by straw-like yellow, and turnip purple (Millbank’s hero product.) The identity was rolled out across farm signage, clothing, business cards, pallet boxes, a website, product stickers, recipe cards, paper bags and other various communications. This branding project has given modern relevance to a long-established company – providing a new platform to grow their profile, stand out from the competition, and continue building the business for generations to come.

Luke Tonge