Logos from Japan

Logos from Japan

by Counter-Print

As a huge fan of Japanese graphic design I was excited to learn about Counter-Print’s latest release ‘Logos from Japan’. Carefully selected to help convey the richness, variety and vitality of Japan’s logo design. Compiled from an abundance of material gathered for their ‘From Japan’ title.

One reason Japanese design stands apart from that of many other countries, is that it doesn’t always follow the strict international code of design in evidence today. Japanese design is unique in the way that it unites traditional and modern aspects of design. As such, ‘Logos from Japan’ presents a contemporary study of logo design from this country that is vivid and varied in its vernacular.

— Jon Dowling, Counter-Print

This book will be of lasting importance to those studying or practicing graphic design, or to anyone with an interest in Japanese art and design.

The book is out now and available to purchase through Counter-Print for £9.50.

Glenn Garriock

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