Laurindo Feliciano

Laurindo Feliciano

What do you get if you mix a lifetime’s collection of vintage books, magazines, postcards, letters, essays and records sleeves, with the rigid creative process of an architect?

Well in Laurindo Feliciano’s case you get a fantastic collection of nostalgic, surrealist illustrations apparently.

Originally from Brazil, Laurindo moved to Paris in 2003 to become an architect, before moving to Burgundy in the calm French countryside to focus solely on his passion of art.

In this idilic environment, armed with scissors, glue, pencils, old paper, found pictures and his Mac, Laurindo has aimed to “capture and to translate the maze of collective memories of other individuals, as well as my own, that have faded or become vague, acquiring new value as they age”.

Feast your eyes on more of Laurindo’s work here.

Jack Daly
  • Written by Jack Daly
  • Posted on Jun 25, 2014

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