Into Film — A brand to inspire a life-long passion for film

Into Film — A brand to inspire a life-long passion for film


Into Film is a film education charity for children and young people. The organisation has just launched, with a brand created by Global creative company Moving Brands. Following the result of a merger between existing charities First Light and Film Club. Backed by the BFI, the programme aims to inspire and mobilise a generation to develop an engagement with film.

I spoke with Georgina Milne from MB about the brief and their response to the project and Robert Holmkvist of London based Holmkvist Creative, who was commissioned to develop the bespoke typeface used for the identity.

Georgina Milne told us “In order to launch successfully into a crowded charity space, meet its growth targets and connect with its primary audience, the charity engaged Moving Brands to define their name, brand identity, messaging and brand touchpoints. Winning the project at pitch, we were eager to partner with the charity; there is a synergy in our passion for film, and in our belief in the power of storytelling through film. The brand needed to fulfill two distinct objectives; inspire its broad target audience of 5 – 19 year olds, and engage benefactors to ensure financial support.

We developed a narrative that would resonate with both these groups; ‘See, Think, Make. Imagine.’ It expresses directly to the young audience the organisation’s aim of ‘watching, making, and understanding film.’ We approached the creation of the identity system from a motion-first standpoint, with the movement of the brand mark informing the entire system. This design approach, although not unique to our way of working, felt particularly relevant and auspicious for Into Film. The brand mark is used as a window to view powerful and recognisable film content, reflecting the organisation’s role in connecting children to film. A bespoke display typeface was created, borne out of the brand mark. The identity system as a whole is vibrant, distinct, and playful – and received the seal of approval from the target market within workshops with children of all age groups.”

On the commissioning of the bespoke typeface Robert said, “Working with Moving Brands, a bespoke display typeface was created from elements of the new identity. The two weights are represented in the master logo and helps connect other parts of the organisation through a shared visual style. The typeface needed to work in a number of different graphic treatments ranging from revealing image through type, to create impact and anticipation, to outlined type that can create subtle, elegant moments.”

This resulted in the creation of a series of assets for the charity, as Georgina says, “To support the organisation at launch, we provided easy to apply guidelines, best practice templates for the brand’s print, merchandise and digital applications, and campaign messaging that would enable them to speak authentically to both children and benefactors. We were thrilled to see the charity launch in early 2014, at an event attended by their high-profile stakeholders and supporters, including co-founder Baroness Beeban Kidron, educational professional Sir Alastair MacDonald and Les Miserables actor Eddie Redmayne.”

Thanks to Moving Brands and Holmkvist Creative for the insights and images.

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