Inner Temple, Part 2

Inner Temple, Part 2

by Someone

Established in 1340, the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple is one of the four Inns of Court, the professional associations for barristers in England and Wales, to which any barrister wishing to practice must belong to. Someone have added to their recent rebrand with a host of new visual elements. Having created the ‘primary’ pegasus for all core brand communications – this was loved so much each of the departments wanted their own version. Each departmental iteration was individually hand crafted to embody the quality of chosen material…

Education – Glass
Library – Paper
Treasury – Steel
Estates – Stone
Garden – Organic
Catering – Ceramic


The 3D pegasus was obviously a big success (& integral) to the rebrand of Law – but did you know back then that you’d be expanding it into other textures & materials? 

The Secondary Pegasus played a key part in selling in the concept. Once the client saw an early example of the steel Pegasus adorning hoarding for major building work (which will be happening) they couldn’t resist.

How did you go about choosing which materials to represent/match the different departments?

We looked at the qualities of each department to find the perfect material. Take education for example, we chose glass in ‘dual state’ — molten and solid. The transparency of the glass represents the absolute honesty and clarity of law and the change in state, from molten to multi-faceted, represents the transition of student to barrister.

Any plans to experiment with Pegasus further? (other materials, animations, video etc) 

For our first stage presentation we actually 3D printed a 30cm version of the Primary Pegasus, which was an immediate hit. Moving forward I would love to see the Secondary Pegasus come to life in the physical space.

Do you have a favourite? 

My favourite is the Treasury Pegasus, crafted from woven bands of steel. It was a true labour of love and the result is a work of art in its own right.

Luke Tonge