THE NEAR FUTURE OF IN-CAR human–machine interfaces

THE NEAR FUTURE OF IN-CAR human–machine interfaces

Over the last few weeks London’s ustwo have published a detailed analysis of the future of in-car human–machine interfaces or HMI. It makes for an incredibly interesting read even if you have very little to do with the automotive industry. A lot of their findings can be applied to user interface design in many other fields.

Make sure you check it out.

For those of you with little time, read this TL;DR summary packing the 5 long articles into 5 easily digestible points…

1. Lose the ‘stick a touchscreen on it’ approach

2. Love the user/driver

3. Less is more in a UX sense

4. Little things count in a UI/visual sense

5. Listen up and get a feel for emerging technologies with the most potential

The good guys at ustwo have made this entire article available as a PDF designed to be read as an e-book on iPad – which you can download for free.

Glenn Garriock