by Form&

How do you brand a data science company? That’s the challenge Form& were faced with when they we’re briefed to rebrand EHS to Helia. Named after the sun to show how, like the sun to our solar system, data is at the center of everything the company does. It creates a new universal language that clients can make sense of. The sun became a starting point for the brand system.

Form& designed a pretty interesting brand system which not only tells the story and idea behind the brand, but responds to people throughout their interaction with the company – from the business card they receive to the custom website they log into to the umbrella they borrow from the office.

They created a custom algorithm that uses inputs informed by the sunrise and sunset time cycles, as well as real-time weather and geographic information to give each element a unique timestamp and color gradient – from analog to digital. The algorithm brings dimension and movement to the brand, which provokes what a brand system can be and how technology can enhance the message.


Glenn Garriock