Guide to Kissing

Guide to Kissing

Durham-based Glad have been in touch to showcase their Guide to Kissing, a valentines collaboration between themselves Glasgow Press and GFSmith.

In letterpress printing, the term ‘kissing’ is used to refer to the lightest possible impression on paper so that the type or blocks do not press into the paper leaving a clean printed image. Historically, this was the printer’s art; to press the letterforms firmly enough for optimal ink transfer without leaving an impression.

In recent years, however, the art of letterpress printing has enjoyed a renaissance. Part of this revolution is the popularity of the previously shunned deep impression, or as Glasgow Press appropriately term it, the ‘Glasgow Kiss’.

The piece features a ‘Kiss’ card and a ‘Glasgow Kiss’ card – the former being printing without an impression, the latter being printed with greater force and leaving a deep impression.

Letterpress printed onto 540gsm Fuscia Pink Colorplan and sealed with a kiss.

Jack Daly
  • Written by Jack Daly
  • Posted on Feb 14, 2014