FS Emeric

FS Emeric

FS Emeric

It’s launch day at Fontsmith! Phil Garnham’s FS Emeric superfamily is now ready to try and buy after over two years work. But there’s more going on to welcome this new family into the world.

“Emeric is a kinetic type. An optimistic typeface which marries precision with expression, geometry with movement and functionality with humanity — a classic working sans serif with a distinct and individual character, open to whatever shape the future may take.”

FS Emeric

We’re already used to beautiful specimens from the foundry — ‘10 Years in Type‘ by Thompson Brand Partners delved in two Fontsmith’s history — and this time round Believe in® have designed a fantastic booklet and poster, along with a microsite created by Taylor / Thomas.

The celebrations don’t stop there — Phil also asked eleven of his heroes to create a poster, each using a different weight of the typeface. Contributors include Build, Studio Dumbar, Pentagram, Non-Format, Manual and Bibliothèque, all screen-printed on Colorplan by Dan Mather in a limited run of 50. You can see the whole set here. Lucky customers buying two or more weights of FS Emeric will receive one randomly selected poster (while stocks last).

FS Emeric

Here’s some background information from the team:

FS Emeric — a landmark new typeface launched by Fontsmith

The original brief that Phil set himself carried a bold ambition — a sans serif typeface that was capable of adding a fresh new voice to the classic modernist fonts.

As Phil explains:
“The timeless alphabets of the fifties have a deliberate neutrality, born out of an unfaltering mechanical solidity in each line and curve. FS Emeric has been designed to share this sense of structure and universality but it also introduces a new approach, intuitively informed by a sense of today, one of progress and optimism.”

As a result, FS Emeric enjoys a connection to the familiar typefaces that have shaped the world of graphic design for so many decades, while also exhibiting a characteristic humanity that adds energy and personality.

The specimen booklet by Believe in® tells the story of the typeface through a range of brand applications, including packaging, signage and screen-based design. The finished booklet is beautifully crafted with a wraparound cover, printed in 4 spot colours with 2 foils on GF Smith papers.

FS Emeric specimen by Believe in®

FS Emeric launch poster by Believe in®

“Type design is often perceived as an introspective process that loses sight of who the real heroes are — the creatives who take and use our fonts to bring their ideas to life. Working with Believe in®, we’ve developed a campaign that celebrates that notion, collaborating with some of the finest design studios whose work we see and admire every day.”

For the poster series, 11 leading design studios from around the globe were invited to create a limited edition A1 poster using one weight of FS Emeric. When viewed as a series, the posters clearly showcase FS Emeric’s adaptability, while at the same time providing a fascinating glimpse into the characters of the different studios.

FS Emeric launch poster by Non-Format

FS Emeric launch poster by Hey

FS Emeric launch poster by Studio Dumbar

“Everyone will have their own favourite poster, but as a series they really work because they’re all so diverse in their approach. Even though they’re all designed with the same typeface, they all reveal something of each agency’s unique character, which was the objective of the entire exercise.”

Believe in® Founder and creative director Blair Thomson said:
“The thinking for the poster series was shaped by three words that represented the character of FS Emeric — Optimistic, Adventurous and Ambitious. Each studio was given the same minimal brief and trusted to surprise and delight us with their interpretation. When you’re accustomed to controlling every aspect of a project, it’s liberating to allow the work to come to life in the hands of so many talented designers.”

Samuel Mallett

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