Forms VII: Rokabye

Forms VII: Rokabye

by MbF x Mount Audio

Presenting No. 7 in the Forms collaborative film series devised by London based, creative sound studio Mount Audio. The ongoing project sees Mount team up with leading visual artists to create unique audiovisual works.

Forms VII features the elegant motion work of design studio Rokabye. Inspired by the phrase “Print is Dead”, the film features vibrant, textured materials often used in paper and print production.

Influenced by the visual’s tactile aesthetic, Mount’s soundtrack is largely created using recorded card, paper, and fabric. These delicate sounds sit amongst evolving atmospheres and lingering piano notes, gently building into a wash of tones and texture.

The Rokabye team were also kind enough to answer a few questions about their work below.

Tell us about Forms VII.

Forms VII is inspired by paper and print production, namely the phrase ‘print is dead’.

How did the collaboration with Mount Audio work?

Mount had seen some of the work we did with Lucy Hardcastle for Adidas and got in touch via Instagram. Following our initial chat, we were excited to work together and Forms seemed like the ideal opportunity. We’ll be working together again in the next month, on a new animation and following the fantastic work they did here, we’re very excited about the level of depth they’ll bring to the piece.

Tell us about Rokabye and how the studio was formed.

We’re a creative agency based in London. We set up to counter the accepted, but fractured way the design and motion design industries worked. Everyone that works here and for the company comes from different backgrounds – post production, animation, brand, direction and design to name a few and all of us experienced how disparate the subsets were. We approach every client and project, whatever the final output with a unique perspective – no faff and an emphasis on story. The amount of times budgets would be spent, before a pencil was even lifted frustrated us, so we’ve set about offering our clients a way of working that promotes confidence, mutual respect and support that’s fun, collaborative and engaging. Because of the different backgrounds and experience, our design, motion graphic and post production capability is amplified.

How do you approach a new project like this?

In this case, form, literally. We were inspired by the title of the series and wanted each frame to be ‘poster worthy’. Then, creating a narrative that works as a set of ‘mini stories’.

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere. We try to work in a way that promotes originality. As much as the Instagram generation is exciting and gives people a platform, there’s a danger that we could be heading toward a homogeneous aesthetic, as people become overly ‘inspired’ shall we say. The amount of mood boards we saw with only square images was frightening. We take influence from all around us and approach each project with fresh eyes and an open mind. Originality is and always has been something we strive for.

Do you feel it’s important to make time for collaborations?

Anything that pushes us in new directions is important to us. We’re a really open studio and realise specific skillsets can be needed to push us on a level. Variety is the spice of life.

What do you have coming up?

We’re working with a clothing manufacturer in Italy, who supplies the likes of Adidas and Lululemon who are at the forefront of Warp Knitting and apparel production. We continue to strengthen our relationship with MTV and have started incorporating our process with Global radio and specifically Heart FM, looking at key brand touch points and how we can help move them forward, visually. So brand, animation and design work for a broad range of clients. We’re also on the look out for exceptional creatives and animators, to continue our growth and expand our output.

Glenn Garriock

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