Fail to plan, plan to fail

Fail to plan, plan to fail

by Chris Clarke

All round nice dude Chris Clarke (Deputy Creative Director at the Guardian) has released a new print, and it’s a beauty! Armed with one unmarked type face and handful of glyphs, the prints are typographic exercises in word play.

‘The experience to design is really liberating — the limitations imposed by having just the one character set means the posters intelligence and playfulness must come through the word play and typographic placement.’

Fail to plan, plan to fail has been reproduced as a limited edition of 50 screen prints, priced at £45 with free UK delivery.

Printed by Marcroy @PeopleOfPrint of 350gsm GF Smith Colourplan and Zen White paper using a special black ink mixture which contains mix of 3 inks, a pigment and Lascaux medium to achieve the density of black.

Grab one for your wall.

Luke Tonge

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