COLONY Branding

COLONY Branding

by We Are Ensemble

Martin James Power and Steven Waring of newly formed partnership We Are Ensemble have been in touch to let us know about their recent brand identity & implementation for Ancoats (Manchester) based a co-working space Colony.

The pair – who previously worked as freelancers for a combined 20 years – decided it was a good opportunity to team up and expand their offering.

For their first project together, they worked closely with Colony’s owners, property developer and management company Northern Group, to craft a diverse and distinctive brand for the co-working space on Cutting Square that would stand out and appeal to the local creative industries.

Martin James Power, co-founder of Ensemble, said:

“The co-working sector has become infested with soulless, clinical spaces aimed to please everyone from management consultants to artists. Northern Group knew it needed to do something different and gave us the freedom to develop a brand to speak to a specific audience of creatives. That meant we could create a brand with personality, focus and, most importantly, attitude.”


The two-storey space was a blank canvas and needed its unique brand identity to be rolled out across everything from its interior design and signage to marketing materials and website.

Speaking of the completed brand, co-founder Steven Waring said:

“With a flexible brand system, the working title and process behind ‘Colony’ connects to the concept of a breeding ground to join, nurture and cultivate talent in the heart of an industrious city. Colony is an identity that reflects the diversity of people and the culture, aiming to create a place where people can grow and interact.”

Luke Tonge