Boundless Stationery

Boundless Stationery

by Ricky Richards

Ricky Richards was challenged to create the best agency business cards you’ve ever seen, and make sure they were ‘boundless’. He researched traditional business cards, and attempted to defy convention. What instantly stood out was their formulaic approach – traditional typography with rigid grids and minimal information. Business cards and letterheads are made to build connections, but most of them don’t. People say they’re defunct, but he wanted to prove that, done the right way, they’re still a great way to make a connection. Step one was to handcraft every card in a way that represented each individual personality. Making them remarkable, and precious to everyone. Step two was to convey, along with all the usual details, a personal story. A touch that would leave future clients feeling confident that, not only do we pay attention to details, we’re real humans, and we want a lasting relationship. Long copy business cards? You could call it crazy, but we call it boundless.

Check out the project and more of his work here.

Kristian Labak

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