Autism Uncut

Autism Uncut

by Don't Panic Partners

More than 99% of people have heard of autism, but very few actually understand it.

What’s more, Autistic people are often misrepresented and stereotyped in the media – or simply cut out altogether. An authentic representation is missing often due to inaccurate editing, non autistic actors/actresses and storylines with misleading scenarios.

As part of the National Autistic campaign, Too Much Information, DPP launched Autism Uncut, a competition to celebrate the best of TV, film and media to give the public the full picture of autism.

DPP wanted to use film and TV shed some much needed light on their world – uncensored and uncut – inspiring the name and identity that would drive all marketing.

Autism will never be understood without the right portrayal, similarly, a film doesn’t give the audience the full story if a line doesn’t make it to the final cut. So DPP decided to show how drastically a story can change when key parts are taken out – and created a flexible branding device that can be applied effectively across a range of mediums.

DPP created a brand and campaign that took away more information than it told. To show that when something’s missing, the whole picture changes.

Graeme Cook

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