Lilli Carré

Lilli Carré

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Lilli Carré is a Chicago-based artist who works in illustration, animation and comics. I came across her work many years ago after reading her comic book The Lagoon – which I wholeheartedly recommend! I particularly like these book covers she did recently for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn published by Penguin Classics and Very Good, Jeeves! for W.W. Norton & Co. Be sure to stop be her site to check out her portfolio, and buy some of her fantastic books!  Besides The Lagoon, I would recommend her comic Nine Ways to Disappear.

There is a really great interview with Lille Carré on The Comics Reporter.

Huckleberry Finn Cover by Lilli Carré

Huckleberry Finn Layout by Lilli Carré

Very Good, Jeeves! Cover by Lilli Carré

Very Good, Jeeves! Spread by Lilli Carré

» Lilli Carré’s Portfolio

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