Irene van Nes – Dynamic Identities

Irene van Nes – Dynamic Identities

Dynamic Identities

Irene van Nes is a Graphic Designer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. In October 2012 BIS Publishers put out her first book Dynamic Identities. How to create a living brand. She kindly sent over a copy and answered a few questions about how the book came to be. You can read a generous 48 page preview on Issu here – and join the book/topics facebook community here.

I see the project lives on with your Facebook community…what lead you to produce a physical book rather than just curate something online? (Some of our readers might have a project in mind but not consider publishing an option!)

In the beginning I debated with myself whether a static format of a book would fit the subject, but pretty soon it was clear for me that next to my Facebook page where I share my research and insights with a growing community, I wanted to produce a physical printed book. First of all because there was none, but more importantly because it is gives an overview of what has been done/invented up-to-now. Bundled together with an essay, the book is time reference, a snapshot, of where we are at on the topic of Dynamic Identities. I hope, as my research lives on, perhaps a second book could show the evolution of dynamic identities.


How did you find the process of producing the book? (was it easy to sell to a publisher, how long did the process take etc..)

Finding a publisher was actually a lot easier than I thought. I created a pdf presentation on the subject, and sent that to different publishers with an email with my motivation and reason why I think the book should be published. I believe the because of the lack of a book with so many cases ONLY on this topic bundled together, and the currentness of the topic, it was picked up well, and pretty soon BIS Publishers and I came to a an agreement.

Creating the book itself was a dream come true. Always wanted to make a book! The many aspects or making the book, from the research – contacting all the agencies – designing every page of the book – until the delivery to the printers, was a lot of fun!  From the beginning a tight planning and strict deadline kept the engine running. 🙂 All in all the project has kept me busy for a year, with five months non stop full time dedication for the actual production.

Any more books on the horizon or other exciting projects?

Of course the research lives on. Perhaps, when I have gathered enough new project, a second ‘snapshot’ will appear. 🙂 Other than that I am hoping to do some workshops with students on the topic in the near future, and hope to work on exciting dynamic identities!




This is an excellent book – as comprehensive as possible given the constantly changing subject – and at close to 200 pages it feels like more than just an intelligent snapshot of the state of dynamic identities. The lenticular cover is the cherry on the top, never has such a cover felt so justified. Each time I flick through the book I come across identity projects I’ve not seen covered on any of the blogs I regularly trawl, and each one has just the right balance of imagery to explain the flexibility of the brand without becoming wallpaper.

If you’re interested in branding and identity design, treat yourself!
Dynamic Identities: How to Create a Living Brand

Luke Tonge

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