Build—Works (01)

Build—Works (01)

Build has reprinted its Build—Works (01) book, and is now available via (by)Build Shop. The book is a collection of the studio’s projects from 2005 to 2010, and interleaved with a selection of arresting images of the Build sphynx cats Brockmann & Betty photographed by Jason Tozer. Previously only available to prospective clients, and briefly as part of Build’s Blood, Sweat & 11 Years exhibition in September last year, the demand for a reprint has been high.

Like the company it represents, Build—Works (01) is small (165 x 240 mm) but perfectly formed – and as with all Build print it has been lovingly created. Generation Press have printed it on their lovely new B2 press, and it features an enticing mixture of papers. It’s great to handle and sits perfectly alongside the 11 Years Show Catalogue – it’s easy to forget how much great work Build have under their belts and flicking through this book is a great reminder. In a world of constantly changing websites this book is a worthy and fitting addition to any designers book collection.

The ever-affable MCP was kind enough to answer my questions…

Michael, i’ve been chasing a copy of this for ages – what made you decide to do the re-print, and why now? what’s different about the book this time around?

As you know we originally made the book only available for prospective clients but we had so many people trying to get hold of a copy we decided to reprint it. We also have our online shop now ( so we have an outlet for it. As a studio we want as many people to see our work as possible, and in some ways the book acts as a printed archive of some of our work as some of the projects are not on our site anymore. I’ve always loved the permanence of printed objects so Build—Works (01) does that too, it’s a selection of our work committed to paper forever.

The book is slightly different this time, its the same format, same number of pages, it still has the poster slip-cover, the back pages aren’t french-folded, and we don’t have the single Lilac Colorplan tip in like edition 1 did. But Scrub/Generation Press reliably informs me that the print is a far better quality in this edition. In his own words “We’ve learned a lot since then, and the new press is really performing brilliantly”. We’ve been sent copies of the slip-cover and the quality is amazing. It feels really good to be getting the reprint done, it seems like a good time to do it.

We’ve discussed in the past the ideas you have for the (by)Build shop – particularly the printed publication side of things – how are plans coming along for that? Anything exciting in the works?

We are currently working on a few projects for our collaborative G/B/P publishing imprint which will hopefully see the light of day by the end of the year. It’s definitely something we want to push but it’s difficult to schedule when we have client work to do. The (by)Build Shop is doing really well, the shop team are doing a really great job, we are working hard to make sure the customer experience is tip-top. The recently launched print-on-demand section is doing well and we plan on expanding that with more prints. We spent a lot of time with Chambers Judd getting the shop site right and it seems to be paying off.

Like many of your projects the book was a collaborative production involving Generation Press, Jason Tozer etc…who’d be on your wish list to get involved with the inevitable Build—Works (02)?

We have a simple ethos of working with the best of the best, and Generation Press are exactly that. They never cease to amaze us, they get what we do and the level of craft, thoughtfulness and attention to detail is second to none. Jason shot the pics of our sphynx cats Brockmann & Betty specially for edition one of Build—Works which in itself was amazing. The shoot was hilarious, Brockmann wasn’t interested at all and wanted to get off the table as soon as possible. Whereas Betty was much more interested! We absolutely loved the results of the shoot and people still to this day mention the cats (‘Oh the book with the cats’).

Build—Works (02) is something we are currently looking at, maybe getting it out by the end of this year. The format will probably remain the same, but the design will change to reflect our current thinking. We will definitely be doing a new shoot for the cover/section dividers. Not sure yet who we will be doing that with yet, but would like to work with someone like Daniel Stier. We had some shots of our studio done recently by György Korössy which we will definitely be using in Works (02).

To celebrate the public release of Build—Works (01) Build will be opening their studio for a ‘pop-up’ (by)Build Shop on Thursday 9 May from 5-10pm. You will be able to buy selected prints and print-on-demand posters, custom built acrylic frames, Build—Works (01) and complimentary drinks for customers.

The book now retails at £25 but Build have kindly offered FFF readers the chance to pick it up at its pre-order price of £20 – just quote promo code ‘FFF2013’ when ordering. This offer expires on Wed 8th May so act quick!

Luke Tonge