An Interview with Geoff Han

An Interview with Geoff Han

by Ben Schwartz

Ben Schwart, a graphic design fellow at Walker Arts Center recently posted a remarkable and lengthy interview with New York based designer Geoff Han, who runs his own practice as well as being part of a collective, common room, an architectural practice with a publishing imprint.

The interview delves into Geoff Han’s practice and his interest in relationship between architecture and graphic design. It also explores a great deal of printing techniques he’ve explored in the past decade across variety of book projects, here’s an excellent excerpt touching on how much thought went into printing technique he used in a particular project;

This was achieved in collaboration with lithographer Sebastiaan Hannekroot by masking out a spot color of a photograph, printing the inverse area of the spot color in white ink on colored paper, and then printing the remaining CMYK values on top. This idea first came about when I realized that a lot of SO–IL’s work involved mirror and I thought that it would be nice if the mirror in the photograph was represented by mirrored paper.

Without further ado, you can read the interview at Walker Art Centre.

Ravi Vasavan