New Beginnings

New Beginnings

by Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy is a design bureau and think tank based in Singapore, helping brands tell their stories and craft experiences using strategy, graphic design, interiors and architecture. They were kind enough to put together this weeks FFF playlist off 55 tracks they play in the studio.

What do you want to hear more of in 2018?

Hip Hop, Electronica, Trip-Hop (which is a fusion of the first two), Ambient and Classical, Baroque in specific…

What do you want to hear less of in 2018

uhmmmmm…maybe the elevator music they play in the malls and some restaurants which they think it’s cool…

What do you listen on?

Spotify, Bandcamp

Where do you find new music?

Discovery Weekly & Release Radar on Spotify, Mix Cloud, sometimes in record shops when we are traveling.

Guilty pleasure?

Tomboy by Hyukoh, Sunset by Sex After Cigarettes, Life in Mono by MONO, Creep by Radiohead, Zombie by Cranberry, Big Jet Plane by Angus & Julia Stone, Hero by Family of the Year

Glenn Garriock

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