Music for Y’ears

Music for Y’ears

by Build

This week the nice folks at Leeds based creative studio Build selected 55 tracks for your listening pleasure. Plus Michael at Build answered a couple of short questions below.

What do you want to hear more of in 2017?

More electronic music, more hip hop and more ambient music please. I’d also love to hear an Autechre album with a vocalist too. Very much looking forward to new music by Darkstar. Their ‘Foam Island’ album (and all their releases to be honest) is amazing, very poignant.

What do you want to hear less of in 2017

Hot Chip.

What do you listen on?

In the studio we use Spotify hooked up to a Teenage Engineering OD-11. At home we play vinyl, or we use Spotify through a SONOS system.

Where do you find new music?

From a variety of places, Spotify is pretty good, I find the ‘Discover Weekly’ feature really great. I also follow a couple of playlists, people like Warp Records, Apiento etc. I also read review sites regularly (Pitchfork etc), and look at Bleep for new releases.

Guilty pleasure?

Love a bit of Eighties music, Nicky especially loves that era of music 🙂

Glenn Garriock

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