Found Future Fictions

Found Future Fictions

by Alex Nelson

To kick off a new series of FFF playlist we’re going to ask some of the FFF team to select 55 of their favourite tracks to listen to while they work. Alongside each playlist we’ll also find out a little more about their musical tastes. First up is digital creative & FFF co-founder Alex Nelson with his Found Future Fictions playlist.

What do you want to hear more of in 2017?

I’m really enjoying the work of Max Cooper right now – interesting interplay with art, technology and music – creating patterns from found sounds and algrithms. I’d love to hear more artists taking this approach.

What do you want to hear less of in 2017?


What do you listen on?

At work, cheap Chinese sound-great-but-last-a-week heaphones from Audio Budget. At home Presonus Eris E4.5

Glenn Garriock

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