Desk Party

Desk Party

by Pete Hawkes

This weeks FFF playlist was put together by London-based freelance designer and sometime illustrator, Peter Hawkes.

What do you want to hear more of in 2017?

All I want is for Moderat to return and collaborate with Chino Moreno. Please.

What do you want to hear less of in 2017?

‘EDM’ in general. Now that Will Smith is having his midlife crisis in the back of that bandwagon, it needs to die.

What do you listen on?

Spotify mainly, and I buy my favourite albums on vinyl.

Where do you find new music?

Mainly through a mix of Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist, and the occasional shout out to people with good taste on Twitter. I’ll sometimes drop by a record shop and buy something on the basis of its cover and hope for the best. That’s worked out a few times.

Guilty pleasure?

I still have a nostalgic listen to the nu-metal greats of my youth every now and again.

Glenn Garriock