by Brand Nu

Just in time for the weekend we’ve got a brand new playlist for you by award winning freelance creative director, graphic designer Radim Malinic, better known as Brand Nu. He not put together 2 playlists (day and night) but also created 2 gorgeous covers. Go and have a listen to both and let us know if you like them on Twitter.

What do you want to hear more of in 2018?

I’m excited to see and hear what Darren King would do this year with DK and Sucre. The best drummer and incredible song writer.

What do you want to hear less of in 2018

Many Uber drivers who now fancy themselves as a onboard Djs – less of that please 2018.

What do you listen on?

After I’d collected 4000+ CDs, hundreds of vinyl and about 40,000 mp3s – I seem to have made a gradual transition to Spotify for most of the time. The convenience is second to none, especially when I’m on the move. I still buy CDs to play on the house stereo but it’s Spotify that’s won the battle for now.

Where do you find new music?

I love ‘Discover Weekly’ on Spotify, a lot of new music came from there for me. Then I fish out cuts from podcasts or DJ radio shows like Giles Peterson or Mary Anne Hobbs. A lot has to be said for using Shazam in strange places, I found some great new music on my travels recently.

Guilty pleasure?

My intro to music as such came via rock and metal – I still dust off a few super angry records on the super heavy deadline day and get stuck in. I started making notes of my ‘earworms’ this year and it’s been pretty much one metal track after another.

Glenn Garriock