Resident Advisor refresh from Soon_

Resident Advisor refresh from Soon_

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Renowned digital music channel Resident Advisor have just launched their redesign for 2014, the first since it’s birth back in 2001.

Aside from becoming fully responsive with a dedicated, and much needed mobile site – navigating around RA is now much clearer and cleaner. Artist pages feel easier to discover and profiles for promoters and their line ups feel like a real hub of information, great for discovering new music or wading through current favourites. Editorial plays a big part in Resident’s stronghold and the new site really let’s it’s content breath, yet it feels like there’s room for improvement in this area, not just from a layout perspective but with additional, more engaging additional content too.

I sat down with Fred Flade, Creative Director and Founding Partner at SOON_ who are responsible for the re-design:

From RA’s perspective, what were the key goals to achieve with the redesign bar becoming mobile?
RA was founded 12 years ago and over the years they have organically grown a really excellent editorial team that is creating films, writing in-depth feature articles and creating podcast interviews with the biggest artists, so it was about time the site would do this great content justice.


We wanted it to feel like a magazine, because that’s what RA is these day. In general it was all about bringing the content to life by displaying it in a more modern way but also by bringing the community into the mix. User comments are now attached to every peace of content to hopefully generate interesting discussions.
What was rational behind the new logo?
The most important part of the brief really was about achieving a design that felt like a logical progression from where the old logo left off. The current logo is being used everywhere on posters, on other sites at events etc… we didn’t want to loose that equity. But, at the same time we wanted to get to a design that was more confident and definitive, by being really simple and strong.


Can we expect to see more phases of the design?
Absolutely, this latest launch is the beginning of the journey not the end. Paul Clement, RA’s Founder & Director was super keen to launch as soon as possible to get people’s feedback and then continue making it better and better. We will continue to collaborate on some really exciting new things to come.
How did the connection between RA and Soon_ come about?
I met Paul at De-construct where we worked on many projects together. Most noteworthy probably the Barbican site which is still live after – what – 7 years. We just work really well together, Paul is one of those totally rare developers that writes brilliant code and has an eye for design. For SOON_ this is really the best way to work with a client. Collaboration is the way forward.


Check out the new RA here:
Find out more about SOON_ here: @SOON_




James Kirkup