In what ways does the web and new technology make you feel optimistic and hopeful about the future?

In what ways does the web and new technology make you feel optimistic and hopeful about the future?

Surrounded by negative press, content bubbles and horrible events taking place lately (especially today), I do often question if and how technology will be able to help us in the future. As part of our future views series we partnered with Offscreen magazine to ask some of our readers how optimistic they feel about the future of the internet and technology.

Christopher Doyle

Creative Director, Christopher Doyle & Co.

“The internet presents a way for people to unite faster, and in greater numbers than ever before. The more access people have, the more shared knowledge there is, and the more unity we can have. That’s exciting.”


Brendan Dawes

Artist & designer, London

“For me the web has never been about connecting machines but about connecting people and everything that goes with that — from opinions that challenge your own to opening up new ways to see and think about the world. Yes there is ugliness but without that there wouldn’t be beauty either. The web as it was originally intended is about openness and for that reason I’m still optimistic about the future.”


Marlene Schufferth

Senior Product Designer at Get your guide, Berlin

“It will connect people across boarders and create a less national but more global mindset and responsibility for coming generations.”


Daniel Howells

Web designer/developer, Editor of Siteinspire, London

“Connected juice presses. Low paid workers on demand. New ways to bully. (But now with sparkly filters!) This future makes it hard to be optimistic so I’m hopeful for anything that I barely understand and which can’t be packaged up in a TechCrunch article.”


Jon-Paul Wheatley

Co-founder & CPO at Need/Want, St Louis

“Exponential progress is a pretty crazy thing that’s hard to really get your head around. It’s difficult to imagine the things that are going to be made in the next few years let alone the next few decades. We’re living in a very exciting time.”


Ben Pieratt

Freelance brand & product design, Ipswich, USA

“Technology as evidence of nature’s progress is an optimism I try to indulge in. She’s gotten us this far, so its reassuring to see her fingerprint in our networks and systems.”


Julie Delanoy

Freelance Product Designer at TM, Paris

“The web offers the chance to satisfy your curiosity and learn about others. Openness is what the internet gave to us. It provides the opportunity for makers to build technologies that aim at making people’s lives better.”


Guy Moorhouse

Designer, developer & animator, London

“I’m excited for a future where we have a richer, more nuanced online experience. I think we’ll look at back at what we have now with a sense of quaint nostalgia. I’m also super optimistic we’ll create ways to better own and govern our personal data.”


Andreas Weiland

Digital product designer, Copenhagen

“Great technology has the potential to become an extension of our minds. The web is a great connector and vehicle for empathy. There will always be someone plotting a Death Star, but in the end it always blows up. Good will prevail.”


Melanie Daveid

Product Design Lead at Onefootball, Berlin

“Knowledge exchange – by making internet accessible for everyone in the world new technologies provide the basis for people to access information right at their fingertip on mobile devices.”


Anrick Bregman

Director – Virtual Reality, Journalism & Film

“In their ideal form, they break down the power that traditional forms of advantage (lineage, money, connections) has given people, and distribute that power much more widely. It makes the lives of more people, better.”


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Glenn Garriock

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