Interview – Ariel di Lisio

Interview – Ariel di Lisio


Ariel Di Lisio, aka Negro™ is a graphic designer from Argentina, specialising on the craft of typography, logos, and print. His work is a fine mix between fresh and modern, always thinking about the functionality and the range of possibilities for the types he creates, showing a great love for shape and geometry. There is nothing he enjoys more than to create his own types, for both personal and commercial projects. He takes deep pleasure in the process, from making decisions about the concept and mood, through the production stage, and then seeing them on their final output.



Hello Ariel, can you tell me a little about Negro™?

Negro™ has been around for approximately 10 years. At first it had a traditional agency format with several people but eventually I decided to work by myself. This allowed me to get back to something that has always been a big itch, which is typography. I needed more time to work in a precise way in the treatment, design and development of fonts.

Today Negro™ divides its time working on design and typography. It specialises in developing Corporate Identity and Typography. Of course typography conforms an important part of my design work; practically all projects are made with my fonts. Negro™ seeks to provide quality design with a high degree of simplicity. I believe in the simple ways of saying things through design, in the right choice of typography, in a tailored colour palette for a project, and a careful respect for white space.

What are you passionate about?

Design and Typography are my main passions. When I speak of passion I’m talking about working on it for hours and hours without ever getting tired. Sometimes I feel lucky to be working for something that really excites me, it is a privilege. Also I love hanging out with friends, playing soccer, going out to eat and see shows.

I know you travel a lot, what do you like about the design culture in Argentina and the other countries you have visited?

I have traveled for work to Chile, Venezuela, México and the United States, also many other countries as tourist. Currently I’m in Buenos Aires, where I live. I like the design culture in Argentina, there is a lot going on all the time: design events, festivals, conferences, etc. It is good to have this kind of events where young designers can learn from the experience of professionals. I think these events are very helpful for the design environment and I like to connect with designer friends and talk about our realities. Besides, I admire many of them.


Do you think your work has an Argentinian personality?

It is a recurring question when it comes to defining the design of a country or region by all the people working there. It’s actually a little complex to define this, I think my work doesn’t represent Argentinian design. I’m not sure why, but it doesn’t conform to a number of variables that are present in other design work that I think better represents the Argentinian personality. If I go back to others’ opinions, for many years I have been told that my work is more european than latino. Perhaps this is because of it’s simplicity, the typographic work, the subtlety in the shape and the space.

What kind of projects do you prefer doing?

For a long time I have been lucky to have clients that come to me, because they know my work and they are looking for that. For this reason it has been easy for me. Not that it allows me to relax, but rather the opposite, I am very demanding and always want to give the maximum. I take projects where I can work from scratch, starting by the logo, all the way through printed pieces, website, etc. I like Corporate Identity because I can create a graphic universe.
Continuously I try to generate personal projects, this allows me to take a break from commercial projects and is a great way to promote my work. Beyond this, it gives me great pleasure to work on my own projects. Think, design, develop and produce.

What are your next steps?

To keep growing and designing, always trying to be a different choice and provide quality design. Also to grow as a typography designer and publish more fonts. I love travelling and giving workshops and conferences, it allows me to tell my stories on being a designer for the past 20 years, and also to meet people, I want to keep doing that too.

Thanks for the interview Ariel!

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